Book review: Christmas Ever After by Sarah Morgan

I received this book for review from the wonderful people at Netgalley. Published by MIRA on 22nd October 2015.

This was my first Sarah Morgan book but after enjoying Christmas Ever After so much, it will not be my last!

I simply loved this tantalising story of love, trust and commitment (even after many misunderstandings and misread signals!) and I found the two characters of Alec and Skylar so well drawn, both beautiful in many ways, but above all passionate about their family, careers and eventually each other. This obvious passion makes them both as likeable in many ways as did it in turn enable me to warm to their close friends and family as they were all introduced.

The other main attraction of this book for me has to be the detail of Puffin Island which Sarah has portrayed so vividly and warmly that I could easily imagine myself visiting there, and I fell in love with the island as much as the characters of the book! But the killer ingredient of Christmas Ever After has to be the ongoing sexual tension between Skylar and Alec which simply oozes through every chapter and encourages you to read on to see if this couple do manage to get it together or not.

Perfectly timed for release before Christmas, this book will be a wonderful addition to many a woman’s Christmas stocking…


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