YA Book Review: Wildwitch Wildfire by Lene Kaaberbol: ISBN: 9781782690832 Publication date 7th January 2016


One of the advantages of having two of my children review books is that I too get to read a wide variety of children’s and YA books myself, so when Wildwitch Wildfire by Lene Kaaberbol came through the post a few days ago for my son I simply had to have a quick look through, which consequently resulted in me devouring it all up last night!

Wildwitch Wildfire is a beautiful story, and lovely idea that would make a great choice of book for a child looking for something with a bit more of an adventure and excitement and I think would be perfectly aimed at the nine to twelve age group. The concept is current in terms of the books subject, that of witches and taking part in games/trials to prove innocence, and I quickly warmed to the main character of twelve-year-old Clara.

Clara is just your average, quiet girl simply minding her own business and making her own way to school one morning when she is confronted by a black cat who stoutly refuses to let her pass. The cat lunges at Clara and takes a swipe at her face for good measure and Clara’s life instantly changes as she then discovers that she’s a Wildwitch and that this encounter with the cat was no random act.

Very well written, this book is instantly likeable and I notice at the back of the book that there is a second book on the way called Wildwitch Oblivion and I can see this series becoming hugely popular next year.


We received this book for review from the lovely people at Lovereading4kids.co.uk




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