Book review: The Way We Were by Sinead Moriarty, ISBN: 9780241970720 Publication Date: 24th March 2016 UK.

The Way We Were pic

Having reviewed Sinead Moriarty’s book, The Secrets Sisters Keep for Lovereading, I was really excited to review Sinead’s most recent title The Way We Were from NetGalley.

 Alice and Ben are a middle aged couple, comfortable in their jobs, home and proud parents to two lovely daughters. Their life could almost be considered perfect from the outside. However, as much as Ben realises how much he should be grateful for this life, he needs more. Hitting his late forties and fuelled up by the desire to do something more adventurous with his life, Ben flippantly agrees to travel to foreign territory to assist on a surgical procedure. Alice and the girls are told of his decision to go within hours of him actually departing, leaving Alice furious at what she sees as a frivolous and dangerous decision. Ben however sees no such problem, feeling this is what he has to do and therefore continues on his journey. His decision however, changes the course of this family’s lives when Alice receives a call to tell her that her worst fears have been confirmed and Ben has been killed in a landmine explosion. As Alice faces the future as a widow, and with the heavy burden of two emotionally fraught children to care for, what she doesn’t realise is that Ben is indeed alive, having been captured not killed.

The Way We Were is a more meatier book than Moriarty’s usual books and the story holds more substance. The dilemma that Alice faces certainly makes you question as a reader just what you yourself would do in that situation and although I wasn’t one hundred percent sure of her final decision, it certainly got me thinking! Moriarty is great at writing about family relationships and the responsibility placed on Alice’s shoulders and how the family dynamics change as the girls are left to cope on their own, coupled with Ben’s appearance a few years later, are what make this book a great read.

I reviewed this book for the wonderful people at NetGalley.


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