Book review: If they could see me now by Denise Welch, ISBN: 9780751562323, Out now to buy.

If they could see me now.png

As I’m not a big TV fan, in fact I don’t even own a TV licence preferring online subscriptions such as Netflix and Amazon, I wasn’t aware of Denise Welch when I read If they could see me now. So, I suppose I read it with an open mind because Denise is a well known UK TV personality. For a debut novel this is actually impressive! I really enjoyed the story, the characters were very believable and the psychological torment Harper was subjected to by her husband was quite brutal but ultimately very realistic. The behind the scenes stuff of their marriage is an indication of the fact that we never really know what goes on behind closed doors. I especially loved the character of Georgie and I was so praying that Harper would make a conscious effort to change her own life and that of her girls for the better but I can see how easily Aaron’s years of incessant torment had made an impact on Harper and therefore left her feeling almost dead inside, despite her cheery outward appearance..
Denise’s writing style is smooth and fluid and I think I would read another one of her books should she write any more after If They Could See Me Now.






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