Slow down March…

So, I’ve been a bit quiet of late due to endless essays, although the end of the university year is on the horizon with just 2 more essays to complete and then a final assessment by the end of May. I’m not complaining too much about it at the moment considering that I’m working on one of my all time favourite books for my current essay; Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca!


In other news, I recently received my yearly copy of the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2016  which instantly got my creative juices flowing. Had to laugh though when I managed to dig out my first copy dating back to 2012!

W&A Yrbk x 2
A book for all years!

This book is a Writers’ (or indeed Artist’s) Bible, and I never cease to be amazed at it year after year, despite it following the same format each time. It’s an invaluable book to have on your desk and well worth the money. Apparently our local library always have a current copy but I prefer to annotate mine!

W &A BK 2012
Fully utilised!

Market News:

I stumbled across this magazine last week in my local WHSmith:

Kindred Spirit mag
Kindred Spirit Mag

A very interesting read and this months edition also has details of a book publishing deal competition which sounds wonderful.


And I’ve finally done it; after years of buying this magazine I’ve finally subscribed:

Writing mag.png

Now I just have to make the extra time to read it each month!


Book wise, I haven’t been reviewing many books at all this month as I’m aware that my schedule is tight with study and work but I did have this book drop through my letterbox a few weeks back:

Britt Marie was here

Having read and thoroughly enjoyed A Man Called Ove, I can’t wait to start this one.


Happy reading/writing!




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