Done and dusted…


As of Monday I officially became Uni free… Free to take on more paid work contracts and, best of all, free to read for pleasure! That is until October when I head back for my last year.

So, having decided that I had deserved some free time after a hectic final month, what was a girl to do with her first break? Well, after blitzing the house from top to bottom, and then taking on one or two work contracts which I had sworn not to do on this week off, I then decided to tend to my rather neglected looking writing bureau…

Before bureau

This is my second writing bureau, the first was my Grandmother’s which I inherited when she passed away. But it was falling apart when I got it and after almost a decade in my own home, I had to admit that it was time to let it go. However, having become attached to the idea of having a bureau which I could use when another family member was using the main desk in the house, I started looking around and found this one on eBay which I managed to bid successfully for the huge sum of  four pounds! This particular bureau had also belonged to a wonderful elderly lady who sadly, due to ongoing health problems, had to sell up and move into a care home. I was grateful to get the bureau, but for a number of years it has just sat in a corner of my bedroom and did become a  dumping ground for all kinds of things, mainly  my sewing machine and hoards of material.

It was only when I was working on my final project for end of term did I realise that I could actually utilise it and make it my own, after all it wasn’t the most appealing of bureaus. So, after a long  search for the right type of paint, followed by an in-depth conversation with a colleague of my hubby’s about the basics of shabby chic and wood surfaces, I ended up  on Amazon Prime (my family’s current addiction) and ordered a make your own paint solution which I can thoroughly recommend.

I then got stuck into the prep work and, a few days later, this was the result:

:After bureau

Not bad considering in total to re-decorate it cost me just £10.99. It’s not perfect by any standards, and I still want to add some stencil designs onto it (my youngest daughter has kindly offered her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Designs, but I’ve politely declined) but overall, it feels so much like a new bureau and really does make all the difference.

Anyway, with the end of the Uni year comes the ability to now read for pleasure once more, which is great as I have a jam-packed Kindle with an array of wonderful books to review and these are just a few of them:

As well as some physical books including this one that I simply can not wait to read;

Clair Fox.png


I guess I had better make a start then…


Happy reading.


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