Coping with the Horroffice: How to tame your working day, by Heena Pattni, out now to buy on Kindle.


I have a fascination for these types of books. Perhaps it is nostalgia for the old days, before I went self-employed, but I love reading around this subject because I can often identify with it. I certainly experienced many highs and lows of being shackled to a desk for twelve years solid – it also makes me so glad that I got out!

Heena Pattni is suitably qualified to write on the workings of an office environment because she too has spent many years working in a number of different companies, and has also experienced the good with the bad, and that has prompted her to write The Horroffice. In particular, Heena is keen to ensure that any one currently working in such a place is able to survive and work productively because as she herself states, it’s the one thing that we are never taught on our first days on the job – how to survive this often ruthless environment.  We are inducted into the company and shown to the toilets, and coffee machine if we are lucky, but never are we told how to survive in the harsh environment that is the office; and the rules, and indeed people, are very much different in each and every one.

There are a vast number of books on this subject, which just goes to show how much of a problem it can be, but Heena’s The Horroffice is a lighter hearted approach. Her narrative is very light and chatty and in turn the effect is a more practical read. She never claims to offer a solution, but instead offers hints and tips that she herself has picked up along the way and the result is a hands-on self-help book which encourages the reader to recognise, understand and then perhaps change similar situations in their own working environment.

I really did enjoy this book and subsequently read it in one siting. Heena has a wonderful friendly tone and the book definitely feels as though she has been there, done that and bought the t-shirt but is now passing on her advice to those who are tackling the same scenario. In all, a very enjoyable and practical modern guide.


I received this book for review from the lovely people at




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