Let It Out A Journey Through Journaling by Katie Dalebout, ISBN:9781401947446, Out now to buy.

Let it out.png

Let it Out is a feel good book giving gentle, friendly and positive advice about the art of journaling. Having kept a journal for as long as I can remember, I am aware of the many benefits associated with pouring out those most inner thoughts onto paper, regardless of whether you write for a living or not. It is the most therapeutic and cathartic writing experience and I feel that many people would benefit from taking it up.

Katie found her way into journaling through recommendation, when she experienced a turbulent time in her life. However, Let it Out is not a self-help book or workbook, it is more of a guide or, if you like, a tool box with a list of practical suggestions that can help make your own journaling experience pleasurable. More so, this is a guide as to how to make journaling work to fit you. As Katie has found journaling to be of extreme benefit to her life, she is well placed to pass on any tips to help others who are perhaps new to the concept.

What is quite impressive about this book though is how it isn’t just about the sole subject of journaling, which extends to dreams and creativity, but more so about prioritising the concept of wellness with Katie offering her own knowledge of self-care, mindfulness and prioritising which she believes once mastered can only lead to more positive and truthful journal entries.

This is a hugely encouraging book about finding contentment in the moment and it is a book which can be referred to over and over again, which makes it a delight to read.


I received this book for review from the wonderful people at NetGalley.


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