We Were On a Break by Lindsey Kelk, ISBN: 9780007582426, Published on 6th October 2016.

We were on a break.png


We Were On a Break is a delicious treat of a book which I devoured! I’m now questioning why I haven’t yet read any of Lindsey’s other books, which there are many of! This is one of those books which you fall in love with and immerse yourself in a cocoon whilst reading!

Liv and Adam are your average couple, early thirties with the idea of marriage hanging over their heads. Unbeknown to each other, on a holiday to Mexico they are both as preoccupied as the other is with the word ‘proposal.’ Adam is gearing himself up all through the holiday in order to pop the question on their last day, whilst Liv is struggling to hide the fact that she has been informed beforehand of what is going to happen on this holiday. However, with such a build-up, it’s little wonder that Adam falters at the last minute and decides the right time is not now. As much as Liv is secretly disappointed, nothing can prepare her for the words Adam mutters when they arrive home, ‘ I need a break from this, from us.’

What follows is a lesson for both of them as they struggle to navigate without the other and face up to the realities of their own wants and needs. More so, can they continue on the same path together now that they’ve both admitted that there is something wrong?

I absolutely loved Liv and I couldn’t help but fight her corner. But what I loved the most about this book was the humour. Lindsey is spot on with the sense of humour all throughout this book and it serves to make both the story, and indeed the characters, so realistically written. All of the characters have such an endearing quality about them that it really does feel as though you know them personally!

We Were On a Break is a ‘warts and all’ story all about the things that we don’t say, the feelings that we don’t express and more importantly, the ability to just get caught up in the mundane routine of life so much so that we forget how to live; meaning that we forget who we are.

 A lovely read which was a real pleasure to review, and I will definitely try another of Lindsey’s books.


I received this book for review from the wonderful people at NetGalley.


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