Normal service will resume…

Happy November and NaNoWriMo to all. Okay, I’m a tad bit late in this respect and I owe apologies to my blog, which has been a little bit neglected these past few weeks, but I do have my reasons… I promise!

Having completed NaNoWriMo last year I had expected to attempt it again this year. Yet, I stopped two days into it ,and I don’t regret it for a second. In all honesty, my heart was not in it one bit. It actually felt more like a chore this year, one in which I would have procrastinated about as much as possible, and that in itself is wrong. I’ve only ever done Nano before because I’ve had the drive and enthusiasm – yes I know it’s a hard slog but if you are determined and focused it is possible to enjoy- but this year that was lacking and, in all honesty, I quite simply couldn’t be bothered.

Being in my last year of Uni is part of the reason (and a number of students in my group also  debated whether to take Nano and ultimately didn’t) as this is my final year and I need to keep my head down. Then there’s work; of which taking on two new clients and having work come out of my ears is just the start… However, I still hope that it is going well for the millions of others who are attempting it this year and that everyone reaches their intended goal. Perhaps I’ll have a change of heart next year! 

Therefore, book-wise, I haven’t requested many ARCs in recent weeks , purely because I thought I would be in the midst of Nano at this point. So, now that I’m not, I’m ready to indulge again. I am currently finishing off reviews for the following two wonderful books which I have read this month and will be posting on this week:

Law of Attraction Shortcut Secrets: A powerful approach to reprogram your mind with Hypnosis, NLP & Brainwave Entrainment (Cogni-Fusion Mind Expansion Technology) (Volume 1) by Maria McMahon. 


Mother, Mother By Koren Zailckas,



Meanwhile, happy reading and happy NaNoWriMo…




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