A Law Of Attraction – Shortcut Secrets by Maria McMahon, ISBN:9781536924121, Out now to buy.


I have been aiming to post this book review for well over a week now but, despite having read through it in its entirety, I am still working through its suggestions and training audios. In short, this is perhaps one of the major plus points of A Law of Attraction in that it is not a flick through and retire to the shelf kind of book, but rather a work in progress book, requiring you as the reader to fully participate in to gain the most from it.

A Law Of Attraction is a personal development book which is getting some wonderful 5-star feedback, all of which is thoroughly deserved. Recommended to be worked on over a 90 day period, Maria McMahon has developed a mind reprogramming system which offers you the tools which enable you to come to understand your current thoughts and actions and, if you aren’t happy with them as they are, work towards changing them by controlling them correctly, improving your confidence and ultimately banishing negative thinking. Maria believes such changes need time to come about in order for you to fully implement and incorporate them into your everyday life, hence her suggestion that the program be worked over time to reach its potential..

What I absolutely love about The Law Of Attraction is how you don’t just get a book to read and work through – you get the whole package. In the first chapter, Maria gives details on how to access the additional MP3s that accompany the book, and within a few seconds of signing up to her website, you have instant free private membership enabling you to access the downloads at any given time, whilst the weekly newsletter is a friendly source of news and inspiration.

Having thoroughly studied The Law of Attraction and continuing to work through it, it is clear that Maria herself is not only a fascinating woman, who is acutely aware of what she is writing about, but also highly competent and fully qualified. The research and extensive scientific explanation that has gone into the production of this book is hugely impressive. Easily accessible with individual sections for ease of use, the layout is also visually perfect. This is a reprogramming of the mind book; why we believe and feel the way we do at times and what steps we can take towards making that change. Personally though, what I feel this book excels in is the requirement of involvement on the readers behalf; something which many books of this genre tend to lack.

Each time I get the chance to review this genre, I jump at it because I love being able to take something from every book, whether it be an idea or a new way of thinking, and then I try to implement it into my own life. I realise that no book will ever change your life instantly, but there are some personal development books that really seem to strike a chord and just have that appeal that encourages you to commit to their teachings because their suggestions and aims seem relevant to your individual situation. The Law of Attraction is most definitely one of those books and one which I recommend highly.

This book was recommend for review by the lovely people at BooksGoSocial.com






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