The Book of Mirrors by E.O. Chirovici, ISBN: 9781780895673, Published on 26th January 2017.



NetGalley description.

Sold in 38 territories around the world, THE BOOK OF MIRRORS is a truly global phenomenon.


When big-shot literary agent Peter Katz receives an unfinished manuscript entitled The Book of Mirrors, he is intrigued.

The author, Richard Flynn is writing a memoir about his time at Princeton in the late 80s, documenting his relationship with the famous Professor Joseph Wieder.

One night in 1987, Wieder was brutally murdered in his home and the case was never solved.

Peter Katz is hell-bent on getting to the bottom of what happened that night twenty-five years ago, and is convinced the full manuscript will reveal who committed the violent crime.

But other people’s recollections are dangerous weapons to play with, and this might be one memory that is best kept buried.


My Review.

I was very lucky to get the chance to be picked to review this and all I can say is what a book to kick off 2017 with…

The Book of Mirrors should come with a label – Warning; This book requires completion in one sitting!

From the first few pages of The Book of Mirrors, just like literary agent Peter Katz, I was hooked and desperate to read the remainder of Richard Flynn’s story. So, finding out that the remainder of the script was not readily available, I was mortified but I NEEDED to keep reading because I couldn’t move on until I had heard the rest of the story!

This is absolutely captivating and utterly addictive. One basic, but rather unusual submission letter captures the attention of a literary agent and it cascades into a vast hunt, an almost cat and mouse chase, to get to the truth. However, with a questionable bunch of psychologists involved in the supposed crime, can we ever be sure who is telling the truth and who isn’t?

Just when you think you have it sussed, Chirovici delivers more unearthed discoveries and you are right back at the beginning of the investigation again. What’s more, I had absolutely no idea of the real culprit until the reveal, getting it so wrong on every occasion.

At times, I admit it was hard going in parts and I struggled to keep up, and you really do have to work at it, but I feel this is the strength of The Book of Mirrors because you become invested in the story; it drags you in and doesn’t let go until it has been resolved. It’s not very often that books make you work for your reading pleasure, but when they do it is literary heaven!

Already shrouded in hype and hysteria, The Book of Mirrors is going to be the one to watch in 2017…

This book was kindly received for review from the wonderful people at NetGalley.



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