Lily’s House by Cassandra Parkin. Adult Fiction Book Review


NetGalley praise:

Lily’s House has a voice that leaps out of the page and holds you tight. Fresh. Original. Spell-binding.’ — Jane Corry, author of My Husband’s Wife

Lily’s House is a beautiful story that carefully unravels the depth of love and lies in a family. Cassandra’s writing pulled me in from the first page and wouldn’t let me go until I’d finished. Even then it stayed with me for a long time.’ — Heidi Perks, author of Beneath the Surface

‘Unexpectedly dark and dream-like. I loved the twists throughout – a very enjoyable read.’ — Natalie K. Martin, No.1 Amazon best-selling author

Lily’s House is a beautiful, rich, haunting and addictive read. Cassandra Parkin effortlessly weaves magic in this story of long-gone secrets, self-discovery, empowerment, and love. The book is assured, mature… a masterpiece. I’ll never forget it.’ — Louise Beech, author of How to be Brave


My Review:

Quite simply, a beautiful story.  

My first read of 2017 and what a delight to start the year with. Lily is Jen’s Grandmother who, up until Jen’s late teenage years, was also a most treasured confidant and best friend. However, shortly after Lily’s death, as Jen and her daughter Marianne move into Lily’s flat briefly to take care of Lily’s funeral and finances, it becomes clear, through some wonderfully written and nostalgic memories, that something happened to break the bond between the two and they haven’t in fact seen or spoken to each other since Marianne was born.  As Jen struggles with the enormity of processing the practical stuff that Lily has left behind, she soon finds herself looking to the past to answer the present. 

Cassandras writing style is natural and inviting meaning that, yep you guessed it, this is one of those devour in one sitting type of books! I fell in love with the characters instantly, such is Cassandra’s wonderful prose and ability to create realism in their traits, and I believed so much in this story.  

What I perhaps wasn’t quite expecting was how many reveals there were, in what originally seemed like a delicate but simple concept. I had no idea of where Cassandra was taking us as Jen relived the years leading up to her and Lily’s falling out, and I was pleasantly shocked each time. This is perhaps the books most powerful aspect as, rather than being a mere trip down memory lane, it dawns on you that something sinister is lurking, just not from the person you initially expected. More poignantly is the realisation that far from being a witch, Lily is not the one that Jen should be afraid of, and at times how often we are blindsided as to those who we believe we know and love.  

We never get to meet Lily as a character as such in the present, merely through Jen’s recollections and memories of her in the past, but such is her vivid portrayal that, for me, she actually becomes one of the best characters of the story!  (Perhaps with enough material from her past for Cassandra to consider basing  another book on her intriguing life !!)

Lily’s House is a perfect read which I recommend highly.


This book was received for review from the wonderful people at NetGalley.


Additional information:

Publish date:15th October 2016

ISBN Number 9781785079351

Available in Paperback and eBook.

Cassandra can be found at  or on Twitter @cassandrajaneuk













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