Kill The Father by Sandrone Dazieri. Adult Fiction Book Review.



Kill The Father is one hell of a roller-coaster ride of a book! Brutal and gritty, but ultimately gripping, it is the story of the hunt to catch a sadistic kidnapper who refers to himself as The Father. Whilst never sexually abusing those boys that he takes hostage, their captivity is a bizarre combination in which they spend their time imprisoned in concrete silos. However, according to the police, The Father died many years ago after one of his victims managed to escape. But all the signs are there, if one just looks close enough. The trouble is, such signs are only visible to Dante Torre who just happens to be the only boy who somehow managed to escape The Father’s entrapment all those years ago. Can Dante prove that The Father is still alive and that he is the one responsible for a recent brutal murder of a mother, and the subsequent kidnapping of her six year old son, before it’s all too late for his most recent victim? More so, can he bring himself to face his demons once again? Alongside Captain Colomba Caselli, Torre has to find a way of proving that his tormentor is real and not a figure of his imagination.

This is Sandrone’s British debut and, from just reading the initial praise, I knew this was going to be a powerful read. I wasn’t disappointed! The prose is straight-forward, but hard hitting, and the action flows along at an edgy, but steady pace, building the right amount of tension in each chapter as a new piece of evidence surfaces at each stage bringing Dante and Colomba ever closer to The Father. However, I think the biggest pull of this book for myself personally is the relationship between Dante and Colomba. Perhaps not the most conventional of working relationships, these two characters are both psychologically scared, but committed to finding out the truth whatever it takes. In an sinister environment where they can’t trust anyone but each other, a mutual respect begins to gather which forms the basis for a stimulating partnership.

Colomba is a sassy kick-ass kind of girl, whilst Dante has to be up there with one of the most creative characters I’ve ever read. I loved his quirks and eccentricity and his sheer bloody mindedness that his capturer was still alive, despite how desperate the notion made him appear to others.

It has been a while since I came across so many threads woven into just the one book.This makes it a fascinating read but also ensures that Kill The Father isn’t one of those books you can simply dip in and out of as and when; this is a full on thriller which does require, and indeed deserve, your solemn concentration. There is also a particularly heavy graphical scene, where a bomb is triggered with devastating consequences, which deserves an award purely for the utterly vomit inducing feeling it leaves the reader with due to its intricate detailing…

Whilst not for the faint hearted, Kill The Father is a film, or possible drama series, in the making. With talk of more books planned for future series between the wonderfully drawn Dante Torre and Colomba Caselli, I foresee big things for this thrilling masterpiece.


Many thanks to Emma Finnigan PR for allowing me to read and review this electrifying debut.


Additional information:

Publish date: 9th February 2017

ISBN Number: 9781471154102

Available in  hardback, paperback and Kindle.

Sandrone Dazieri can be found on Twitter @sandronedazieri and at





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