Revelations Incorporated – The Truth of the Business World & Workplace Culture by Brian Ray. Business Book Review.


In today’s competitive job market, it takes more than just degrees, experience, and knowledge to succeed. College graduates are often shocked to learn the real truths about how business (both big & small), operates. The reality is that many individuals returning to work after many years are learning just how cut-throat the business environment can be.

Revelations Incorporated helps new college graduates, existing workforce personnel and those returning to work become prepared for experiences that may occur. Take charge of your career today!


My Review: 

Imagine the scene: You are a teenager, new to the world of work, and entering a working business environment for the first time in your young life. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to have a manual for this purpose that acts as your guidance throughout the first few weeks of your new career? Alternatively, you may have gone back into the world of work after a long break and find yourself wondering about etiquette in the workplace, as well as all of those unspoken rules about working in a business environment. This book is the solution; an essential companion throughout those first few weeks and months as you adjust to life in the business world.

Having entered the world of business as a naïve teenager, many years ago now, I could have used a book like this to help me prepare for what was ahead on this career path.  I had to learn the hard way and ,years later, I’m still baffled by office politics and work ethics in the business world, making me thoroughly grateful that I only have to grace them with my presence on the odd occasions now that I freelance!  Some company’s have it spot on – a huge majority of them are clueless. It can be a battlefield just making sure you cover your back, and that’s before you even start your working day!

 Many a sceptic may call such a book as this a tad bit harsh, and a negative impression of the business world. However, Brian himself will tell you it is a mere fact of life and, as I’ve had a huge amount experience in the business environment, I would completely agree with him. From dealing with difficult customers and clients, to recognising the different approaches of management, all the way to understanding the office bully, Brian lays out the likely scenarios and people most of us will come across at some time or other in a business environment. His observations and suggestions are practical and I can’t help but feel that if a fledging employee can get their head around the concepts in his book, the better informed they are to begin their business life.

With a number of Brian’s own personal case study’s, Revelations Incorporated would be a great addition for inclusion in all Business Studies courses, especially in schools, as a practical guide for those that are brave enough to take on the reality of working in the business world.

A thoroughly practical and interesting read.

Thanks to for the opportunity to review this very interesting book.

Additional information:

Out now to buy on Kindle format.

Brian can be found on Twitter @BrianRay40 or






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