The Winter’s Tale and upcoming reviews.

Winters Tale.jpg

Perhaps a better title for this post would have been Extended Half-Term, Icky children, Chicken Pox, Essay Deadlines and One Harassed Mother! However, as that doesn’t slip off the tongue so well, I stuck with the safe option!

When most kids returned to school after the February Half-Term, we were struck down with the dreaded Chicken Pox! My youngest son was the first victim and consequently couldn’t go back to school, just making it in for Book day. During this time my eldest son, who so far up to now has had a blemish free attendance record, wasn’t very well either for  a few days. Then, Sod’s Law, as both headed back, my youngest daughter become the victim of Chicken Pox and consequently was off the week after the boys!

I’m by no means the only parent to experience children’s sickness, but as a Freelancer it automatically falls to me to deal with it. As my desk is home based and with around 60 per cent of my work done from the home, it is automatically assumed I will be the one who deals with the sick run. I’ve had a few comments from people in the past about how lucky I am to be in such a position of being available for such events – but these people have no idea what they’re talking about because children and working at home do not mix ( Thus proving my point and making me cry with laughter!) Hence I am racing to catch up with everything at the moment, effectively three weeks worth of backlog, and that includes my book reviews. All children are in school today  (this I’ve double checked!) and I’ve locked the doors, turned off the phone and doorbell and shall be getting down to the serious stuff today!

Anyway, on Saturday evening, I was very lucky to get tickets to see The Winter’s Tale. This will be the third production of this play that I have seen but, as it’s one of my favourites, it won’t be the last. A few years ago I watched the hugely popular and talented group called Propeller perform their take on the play (you have to see it to believe it!) This time, the group taking on the challenge was Cheek by Jowl and their performance was breath taking. All of the actors were wonderfully cast, but it was the performance of Leontes that was the highlight for me – so realistic and so true to character. The group are performing The Winter’s Tale all the way through to June, and I highly recommend it for a wonderful evenings entertainment.


So, fingers crossed for a quiet week! This week I will be reviewing the following books:



Happy reading…








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