The Choir on Hope Street by Annie Lyons. Adult Fiction Book Review.

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NetGalley Description:

My Review:

The Choir on Hope Street has a wonderful uplifting story line, interesting characters and is a thoroughly fun book to read. Concentrating on two characters at the opposite scale of one another, the book alternates to and from Natalie and Caroline. Both are Mothers with children who attend the same school and both live on the same street. But, that’s where the similarities end. In ordinary circumstances they would never have associated with each other beyond the school gates, however the local community centre is under threat and Caroline, a compulsive organiser, drags Natalie into a campaign to save the place, purely with the intentions of using Natalie’s credentials as a children’s author in the hopes of fuelling publicity to further her planned project.

Natalie and Caroline are such opposing personalities that almost every choir meeting is a clash of minds. But, as both of their private lives descend into chaos with a marriage breakdown for one and a mother diagnosed with dementia for the other, the choir becomes the one thing that brings them together in ways they would never have dreamt of before and both are left questioning their current friendships, lives and indeed lack of happiness.

The Choir on Hope Street is very well written  and was a real joy to read. It isn’t sickly sweet in its approach and there isn’t the usual happy ever after ending for either Natalie or Caroline, which Annie handles very well indeed with her approachable storytelling. Its strength is in highlighting friendship and what it really means to call yourself someone’s friend, regardless of status, address or indeed personality.


Thank you to the lovely people at NetGalley for allowing me to review this beautiful book.


Additional information:

Publish date: 6th April 2017

ISBN Number:9780008202118

Available on Kindle.












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