We Were the Lucky Ones by Georgia Hunter. Adult Fiction Book (Based on true events)

We were cover

We Were the Lucky Ones is the debut novel from Georgia Hunter. When Georgia was a teenager, she discovered that she came from a family of holocaust survivors. Georgia was fascinated at the revelation and knew she needed to find out more. Therefore, she set out to find out the history behind this incredible story which had been passed down through her family. The result was the birth of this astounding book, We Were the Lucky Ones.

Part fiction and part historical, the book concentrates on the Kurc family and their experiences as they find themselves at the mercy of a war torn continent and must give up their freedom and everything they have known in order to comply with the new regimes. Miraculously, the Kurc family survive the holocaust but their suffering as Polish Jews was unspeakable and one can only imagine the suffering and torment they carried for many years after.

Each chapter concentrates on three generations of the family, with each beginning with a brief update as to the progress the opposition had made and how much of each specific area was occupied. The brutal conditions of this family, and indeed all the other Polish Jewish family’s, during the story make for an extremely uncomfortable read. However, we have all, at some point in our lives, heard of the Holocaust and this terrifying period of history. Whilst We Were The Lucky Ones doesn’t necessary tread on new grounds, it does add the personal touch through a family who did indeed survive the brutal conditions, and this is what makes it a compelling read.

Additionally, with the state of the world at this precise moment in time and the current political sagas, this book is a lesson to us all which possibly couldn’t have been released at a better time…Tea and War.jpg

Passionately written, Georgia mixes sparks and glimmers of hope within the dark and murky depths. Hard to imagine these exist during trains rides when people are packed like cattle crawling with lice and watching corpses discarded from the train like rubbish…The books subject matter has a profound effect on you as a reader and makes you grateful for your mere existence…

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Thank you to Emma Finnigan PR for allowing me the privilege of reviewing this compelling book.


Georgia has a wonderful website at http://www.georgiahunterauthor.com with a mass of background information regarding the journey of We Were the Lucky Ones.




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