Self Help and Business Book reviews.


Freedom Writing – Be Free Through Writing Therapy By Suzanne Strong.

Reading and writing – it doesn’t get much better than that! When I found about Suzanne Strong’s Writing Therapy book I couldn’t wait to review it. What I learnt throughout the book though, was how writing isn’t just for those who enjoy the cathartic experience of putting words to paper, like myself, but rather it can also be used as an alterative therapy for those who have gone through or are currently experience difficult times in their lives. Stress, illness, bereavement and even abuse, Suzanne advocates the written word as a means of manoeuvring through these difficult times. The idea is through the release, that once it’s down on the page, it has effectively got out ‘there’ and you can choose to show somebody or simply discard it, even burn it. The principle is the psychology behind it; Expressive Writing Therapy.

With example cases, pointers and even recommended writing exercises to get you started, Freedom Writing highlights an alternative way to therapy when the spoken word doesn’t come that easily; and all it needs is a pen and a piece of paper…

The Top Twelve Components of a Business plan (A Workbook) By Samora Sobukwe

I love these kind of books. The Top Twelve Components of a Business Plan is an essential read for anyone thinking of beginning their own business, for it takes you through the most important matters, beginning right at the very start. It is written in a no-nonsense way and uses a model business as an example throughout. With activities, definitions and advice on every section it discusses the basics of marketing, planning and missions statements, all  the way through to the more complex financial statements such as the Balance Sheet and The Profit and Loss Account.

This is a the perfect grounding, not just for those starting out on their own business journey, but it is also a great introduction for students of business and finance, such is its relevance and practicality.



201 Motivational Quotes from Around the World By Irfan Alli.

Irfan Alli shares 201 of his favourite motivational quotes from around the world, all with the simple act of keeping the reader motivated and encouraged. The quotes are all well intentioned and inspirational and this is a lovely keepsake of a book which you can dip in and out of time and time again.



All three books were received for review from the lovely people over at


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