A Simple Favour by Darcey Bell. Adult Mystery/Thriller Book Review.

A Simple Favour

NetGalley Description:

A Simple Favour is deliciously indulgent but shockingly thrilling… With an ending that will leave you gobsmacked (no happy ending here), it is a unsettling story. There are many twists throughout the book, so therefore I’m going to be careful in my review not to give the game away, because you never quite see any of it coming!

Stephanie and Emily may seem like firm friends who have gravitated towards each other through motherhood, but their friendship has an underlying tenseness to it. Not immediately obvious to an outsider, Stephanie feels at times a little overwhelmed by the high-flying career women Emily is. Particularly, as Stephanie has chosen to stay at home with a lot of her time taken up with Mummy Blogging. Still, this doesn’t stop the two women from sharing their most intimate secrets with each other. However, when Emily doesn’t turn up to collect her son from Stephanie’s house one day, an uncomfortable succession of lies and deceit begins to unravel and Stephanie becomes the unwitting victim in a catastrophic psychological game.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I had no idea of what was coming next and I was impressed at how quick the pace of the action changed, going from cautious to thrilling in a matter of scenes. Each narrator is as unreliable as the next and, although both women are very well drawn characters, it has to be Emily’s character that Darcey excels at writing (and most likely had the most fun creating!).

With a myriad of twist and turns all throughout the book, A Simple Favour will keep you guessing right to the very end – and then some more…


Thank you to the lovely people at NetGalley for allowing me to review this thrilling book.


Additional information:

Out now to buy, ISBN Number: 9781509836840. Darcey can be found on Twitter @darceykbell.



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