Mature Students Rock!


It is over… after four years hard slog, with a deferment year in between, I have finally finished my English Literature degree…

No longer do I need to read for academic purposes;  no longer do I need to reference the Harvard method; no longer do I need to juggle family life and work alongside my studies and no longer do my family need to take cover when essay week rears its ugly head! It’s done and dusted – at least until my final results arrive mid-July!


Sharing the Wisdom!

I’m feeling slightly lost at the moment; to be expected I suppose after fours years of deadlines. But, when I do get back into the swing of it, I will write a blog post about life as a mature student because, having been a young and carefree student at one point and then returning as a mature student, I could write an article or two about my experiences!

What Next?

Already I am being asked what next? And, whilst part of me can understand the thinking behind it, I can confirm I will not be going into teaching! I have lost count of the amount of times I have been asked this during my studies.  I will however, continue to freelance, as was I doing before, but I can now move back to full time, which has been my only goal throughout. I will also be able to devote regular time to my poorly neglected blog!

Master of Arts.

A few months back, in the midst of my finals, I shrugged off any suggestions of carrying on my studies after finishing my degree. However, when you are surrounded by fellow writers during your course, talk inevitably turns to post grad issues, in particular MA issues.  I know of three students at least who are pursuing the MA Creative Writing route in October, but I am still not sure it is the best way for me.  Firstly, I don’t know if I have the stamina to commit to another two years study and, secondly,  I’m not sure if the fiction route is really for me? Perhaps it would be best to wait for my results and look at the feedback from my fiction writing piece submitted during my finals before making any kind of decision!

If anyone has any experience of the Creative Writing MA, good or bad, I would love to hear from you – simply out of curiosity, of course 😉


Upcoming Reviews

So, back to reading for fun and this week I am reviewing two thoroughly inspiring books:


Happy reading…




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