Power of Daily Journaling by Valentina Bellicova. Self-Help Book Review.

Power of Daily Journaling

I must confess my obsession for journaling! Ever since I went back to Uni, I began journaling on the recommendation of an inspiring lecturer. Many years later, I am still regularly journaling. I do believe that you either take to journaling or you simply don’t. It is a creative release and as someone who writes for a living it is the most natural way for me to express my thoughts and feelings. However, I do believe that almost anyone can reap the numerous benefits from the simple act of keeping a journal.

No matter how long I have been journaling for, I still love to read books based on the subject,  especially when I hit a bout of a writers block with my journaling and just don’t feel inspired. Power of Daily Journaling is a short book but packs in a huge amount of common sense. It takes its inspiration from its creator, Valentina Bellicova. Valentina was initially encouraged to begin journaling by a friend who herself had discovered the many benefits of journaling after reading Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. Valentina’s book takes readers from the very basics of journaling, including what exactly a journal is and how to get started, and extends to encouraging readers to take time out every so often to look back at their past entries in order to spot any patterns emerging. By doing this regularly, she believes it is possible to discover the true person that we are as well as learning about the lifestyle that we lead. This then allows us to make any necessary changes in our present and future.

With tips on how to set goals through journaling, as well as maximising memories and experiences, there is also a section which Valentina talks candidly about how to continue with journaling when times get tough and the inspiration begins to wane. As natural as journaling is to me, I still have days, even weeks, when I just don’t feel like picking up my journal.

Those new to journaling will find this book the perfect read as it has everything to help you begin on this wonderful journey. Even those who have been journaling for some time will find many aspects of the book encouraging and helpful for further journaling development. I certainly found Valentina’s idea of writing a self-review piece at the end of each journal very helpful, especially when summarising and looking back through the many numbers of journals I have amassed over the years!


Power of Daily Journaling is available now to buy on Kindle: https://www.amazon.com/Power-Daily-Journaling-101-Prosperity-ebook/dp/B00KTHUDBA. Valentina can be found at http://ipublishbooks.com/


Many thanks to the inspirational Amber Lea Starfire (http://writingthroughlife.com) for recommending this wonderful book.




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