Hello Authors and Publishers…

I respond to all direct author/publisher requests, to review books and ARC’s, through my Twitter page. I am willing to take part in blog book tours and I actively promote my blog reviews on my twitter page, with links to author and publisher accounts where possible.

I am exceptionally difficult to offend and willing to read most books put my way. I have complete respect for any writer who pours their heart out onto the page and therefore I will always construct my reviews with honesty, decency and, if required, constructive comments. I will not resort to unnecessary criticism if your book isn’t to my personal liking.  Reading should be a joyful experience and my sole reason for reviewing is to share this joy with like-minded people.

(From July 2017, I aim to blog every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before 3pm. However, there will be times when work, and indeed life, takes over and that may not always be possible some weeks) 

You can find me on twitter @clair_louise80